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Artists from the Dübener Heide

Wolfgang Köppe was on 28.04.1926 in Bad Schmiedeberg born. Even as a teenager he worked artistically. His debut works in English captivity and were 1946 in an exhibition in England.
From 1946-1949, he could as a student at G. Gascoin in England his elementary knowledge.
After Germany returned, were well-known artists such as a professor or professor Tübke Lichtenfeld his teachers and advisers, in which he characterized his artistic work. But he soon found his own expressive style, which he increasingly sophisticated and varied.
The love of nature's ingenuity, creative curiosity, creative restlessness draw artists and the people, Wolfgang Köppe, and led to a diverse and varied oeuvre.
In addition to the landscape and portrait painting as a watercolor or oil painting, is the wooden sculpture, as well as the works with visions of the future of creative diversity of the artist.
With the "Bitterfelder Fractal" as Cekarol-Bilder patented, Wolfgang Köppe developed approximately 30 years, a completely new art direction and was thus in Germany and abroad. In recent years the artist has created over 100 works of this kind
With numerous exhibitions, the artists were already in Germany and several European countries present.
1999, it has the wood sculpture competition was launched. This event takes place every year since, with international participation, and growing numbers of visitors. So far, approximately 150 wooden sculptures.
On the occasion of his 80th Birth day he received an honorary citizen of his home community Tornau.
His artistic life's work was launched in August 2005 with the awarding of the Medal of Merit of the Federal Cross of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany acknowledged.

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